Our Approach

Most organizations identify internal communication as one of their greatest challenges. In fact, we have never met an organization claiming to have overcome the communication challenge, even those organizations that pay great attention to the value of sound communication. We help you understand the dynamics of communication in your organization. Through audits, individual interviews, and group facilitation we help you understand when, how, and why communication occurs. Most importantly, we examine effective communication and ineffective communication, identify the differences, and coach toward more consistent effective communication.

Our process includes:


Examining the communication culture of the organization.


Identifying formal communication channels.


Identifying informal communication patterns.


Assessing strengths and weaknesses in each.


Crafting a plan to assure that communication is a key element of the organization culture.


Developing specific communication strategies.


Conducting coaching and training to assure improvement.

I have worked with McIntyre-St. Clair as Assistant City Manager and City Manager for the City of Glendale. From executive level leadership training to strategic planning, I have been extremely impressed with their results. The most recent program’s mix of theory and practical approaches to leading complex organizations was appreciated by program attendees.

Yasmin K. Beers - City of Glendale

I've worked with McIntyre-St. Clair as City Manager in both Burbank and South Gate. Their ability to listen, engage, and facilitate solution development is second to none.

Michael Flad - City of South Gate