Our Approach

Large organizations have resources and staff, often entire departments, dedicated to organizational development. Purposeful organizational development requires constant attention to training, coaching, assessment and organization design.

Small and mid-sized organizations rarely have the resources to have a single person, let alone an entire department, tasked with these important tasks. The work frequently falls to the human resource department or the human resource director, the same people charged with staffing, benefits, employee relations, benefits, labor law, and endless list of daily challenges. Developing the organization in the long-term often fall aside, victim of the tyranny of the immediate.

We can help. For a fraction of the cost of staffing an organizational development department, we can plan and administer leadership development, training, coaching, assessment, and overall development of the human resources of the organization.

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to have world-class organizational development resources.

Our process includes:


Assess organizational needs.


Develop a long-term organizational development plan.


Provide resources.


Identify other resources outside our capability.


Implement and manage the ongoing plan.


Assess results.

I have worked with McIntyre-St. Clair as Assistant City Manager and City Manager for the City of Glendale. From executive level leadership training to strategic planning, I have been extremely impressed with their results. The most recent program’s mix of theory and practical approaches to leading complex organizations was appreciated by program attendees.

Yasmin K. Beers - City of Glendale

I've worked with McIntyre-St. Clair as City Manager in both Burbank and South Gate. Their ability to listen, engage, and facilitate solution development is second to none.

Michael Flad - City of South Gate