Our Approach

Strategic planning should not be a mystery. Instead, strategic planning should be a straight forward process of identifying your organization’s current state, envisioning an aspirational future, and developing a map to get to that destination. Effective planning requires deliberate thought, brutal honesty, and a profound willingness to change.

We believe the process should be challenging, but simple. Our approach emphasizes combining the concepts of reliability and impact. Does your organization reliably do what it promises? Does your organization’s work have an important impact on those with whom you work?

Reliability focuses on the culture, systems, and processes in your organization. Are your operations effective, efficient, consistent, and directed toward serving your clients or customers with ease? The process examines strengths and weaknesses in your operations and establishes actions to capitalize on strengths and address weaknesses.

Impact focuses on the external need for your services if those services make a significant difference for recipients. Is there a significant demand for what you do? Do your services have a measurable positive impact on clients or customers? Would anyone be adversely affected if your organization didn’t exist? Our process examines the real market need for your services and explores how completely you are addressing that need.

Our five-step process includes:


Conducting internal and external research


Developing the strategic context


Identifying strategic directions


Crafting tactical action steps


Establishing timelines and metrics

This process culminates with an actionable and impactful strategic plan.

I have worked with McIntyre-St. Clair as Assistant City Manager and City Manager for the City of Glendale. From executive level leadership training to strategic planning, I have been extremely impressed with their results. The most recent program’s mix of theory and practical approaches to leading complex organizations was appreciated by program attendees.

Yasmin K. Beers - City of Glendale

I've worked with McIntyre-St. Clair as City Manager in both Burbank and South Gate. Their ability to listen, engage, and facilitate solution development is second to none.

Michael Flad - City of South Gate