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The key to success starts with a strong team.

No one really tells you how to be a good teammate.

The focus and energy that leaders place on their people is crucial to long-term success, and the pandemic has made this more important than ever. We have the experience to help frontline workers, emerging leaders, and executives maximize their capabilities, reduce conflict, and move from a ‘survive’ to a ‘thrive’ mindset.

Partners you can trust.

Janet and Don are trusted advisors in strategy, leadership coaching, and communication. With their academic training and practical experience, they’re experts in strengthening people and the places where people work. They work with organizations of all sizes in the government, economic development, nonprofit, health care and business sectors.

McIntyre & St. Clair

Janet McIntyre

Managing Partner

Prior to founding McIntyre-St. Clair, Janet was a journalist and media relations specialist who wrote 17 books for the health care industry. She holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership. When she’s not working, Janet reads (a lot), hosts parties (a lot, pre-pandemic), and yells (what’s more than a lot?) at the TV when the Chicago Bears play.

Don St. Clair


In his previous career as a university executive and faculty member, Don was a leader in innovation in organizations. He holds a doctorate in organizational leadership. Don is also an enthusiastic weekend grill master, neighborhood walker/jogger who’s always on the lookout for a new political or historical podcast, and all-around Hoosier sports fan (Notre Dame, Colts, Pacers).

Years of building trust, value, and impact.

We help to put purpose into action inside your organization. By honing each team member’s skills, you build a strong organization powered by people working toward a common goal.

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Organizational change

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